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Category: Comedy

A comedy podcast with 3 saucy female hosts who cover a plethora of goodness with a big dash of KPOP. Live,Laugh, and RUV HARA! #podcast #comedy #entertainment #media #kpop #pdx

Hara Club: EP.24- WasteHerTime2016

January 9, 2017

Welcome back members and what better way to celebrate the new year but with the first episode of 2017 with THE HARA CLUB! This episode also features podcaster David from the Daily Cringe as a guest host. Listen in as they review JAMS, MOVIES, TV SHOW, discuss NEWS and provide you loads of laughs with their banter. LIVE LAUGH AND RUVV HARA!! And remember to hit us up on our RUV LINE 971-301-HARA


OUTRO SONG: Hookup Vulture by Mise