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Category: Comedy

A comedy podcast with 3 saucy female hosts who cover a plethora of goodness with a big dash of KPOP. Live,Laugh, and RUV HARA! #podcast #comedy #entertainment #media #kpop #pdx

Hara Club: EP.27- Pee On Dis

February 27, 2017

WHAT'S UP MEMBERS!!! We're back from the dead. Check out episode 27 ft. host of LEX FACTOR PODCAST Lexi!! We discuss and review kpop, music, news, whose a racist?! and review upcoming and latest movies. LIVE LAUGH AND RUVV HARA!! And remember to hit us up on our RUV LINE 971-301-HARA


INTRO SONG: Good Times by Podington Bear

OUTRO SONG: Mind Games by Fleslit